Last updated on September 30th, 2021.

NOTE: These rules, conditions and procedures are subject to change at any given time.

- Modified rule 1.1.
- Added rule 8.2.
- Added rule 4.12.

Section 1 - Disciplinary Policy
Section 2 - Company Policy
Section 3 - Admission Policy
Section 4 - Discord / Trucksweb Policy
Section 5 - Media Policy
Section 6 - Multiplayer Policy
Section 7 - Freight Rules
Section 8 - Convoy Rules
Section 9 - Public Events Rules
Section 10 - Legal / Privacy Policy

1) Disciplinary Policy

1.1) “2 Strikes” Policy: This rule means that if you get a second strike within 1 year, you will be permanently removed from Global Cargo. This applies to all violations within Discord and external environments such as TMP and anonymous reports. If there is more than a year in between strikes, the older strike might be revoked if it falls into another category (i.e. Reckless driving, fraud or other misbehaviour). Be aware that in case of a serious violation, the first strike can be skipped and the contract can be immediately terminated based on the seriousness of the incident. Strike 1 - A written warning from Human Resources. Strike 2 - Final and permanent removal from Global Cargo and all global divisions. * A verbal warning can also be given for minor offenses. *

2) Company Policy

2.1) As is the case with most other VTC's, it is not allowed to be part of more than one VTC at the same time. When you are caught 'double VTCing' (taking a seat or entering loads for multiple VTC's at the same time), an investigation will be started, the outcome of which is determined by a vote of the HR Management.

2.2) The Communication Pyramid: Because Global Cargo is a large VTC, Management is often very busy. When a driver has a problem or a question, they are often unable to answer. So if you need help, follow the steps below:

General questions procedure:
1. Get help in #Help-and-Questions.
2. Ask a staff member (#request-a-staff-member) *.
3. Ask the department director *.
4. Ask one of the Leaders.
* (of the corresponding department)

1. Anonymous reporting form.
2. Member of Human Resources.
3. Director of Human Resources.
4. Leaders.

3) Admission Policy

3.1) The age limit is 15 years. If it appears that you do not comply with this, immediate removal will follow.

3.2) When you leave Global Cargo, there is a period of two weeks during which you cannot apply back. After that period you are welcome to apply again.

3.3) The admissions department reserves the right to decline membership at any time.

3.4) VTC hopping, or quickly switching between several VTC's and Global Cargo is not allowed. If you are caught VTC hopping, you will be instantly permanently removed from Global Cargo.

3.5) Shared accounts are not allowed under any circumstances. Each driver is responsible for his/her own account and any violation will be recovered from that account regardless of the person.

3.6) Each driver may apply successfully for a maximum of three times at Global Cargo. When you leave Global Cargo after applying three times, every application thereafter will be rejected.

3.7) When you received an active ban within a period of three months before your application, the admissions team reserves the right to decline the application based on this fact. You will be able to apply again after the ban has been removed for three months.

4) Discord / TrucksWeb Policy

4.1) No Inappropriate Content (Pornography, Hateful or Racist Messages and/or Similar Offensive Material). Global Cargo is a community with the minimum age of 15 years and we maintain our text and voice channels according to the PG-13 standard. Posting inappropriate messages, profile pictures and/or public username may result in strike 1 or 2.

4.2) Pay attention to your language - We know that a large part of our community is 18+, but we want to show a professional attitude and take other members into account.

4.3) No offensive or derogatory remarks. While a joke is allowed, there is always "a limit". Make sure you don't go over this with your comments.

4.4) If you have an argument with another driver or staff member, follow the correct way of reporting, namely: send a message to a member of human resources. The correct way of communicating can be found in section 2.2).

4.5) Our developers have developed a number of bots to make your time at VTC more pleasant. We ask that you keep the execution of the commands to a minimum and only place it in the appropriate channels.

4.6) Placing any type of advertisement is prohibited if it meets the following criteria: another VTC, for financial gain, or contains 18+ content.

4.7) To avoid tagging problems, it is forbidden to use special characters in your discord name. Carrying '[Global Cargo]' is allowed, but otherwise only alphanumeric symbols may be used. Drivers who fail to comply will be investigated by Human Resources.

4.8) Use the correct channels for the correct purposes. Here is a list of the most popular channels and their topics: General - General communication about ETS2/ATS/Global Cargo; Off Topic - Unrelated talks that are not about ETS2/ATS/Global Cargo. Mods - A chat to talk about (Global Cargo related) mods. Check the pinned messages before asking a question about mods or skins. Help and Questions - In case you need help or have a question, feel free to ask. There is always a staff member or other driver available for you.

4.9) Misuse of the spoiler functionality is not tolerated and may result in a warning or further prosecution.

4.10) The use of the @Global tag is only allowed for Global Cargo staff. Any non-staff member who misuses these tags will receive a warning or be further prosecuted if it is frequently misused.

4.11) In the case HR needs explanation about a situation, you might be invited for a conversation in the HR-Situation-Room. When invited for a conversation, this does not always imply that there will be taken action against you. Most of the time it is just to clear something up. If you do not respond within 24 hours, you risk that you will not be able to defend yourself in a case.

4.12) Global Cargo is not a dating platform. Do not actively ask someone about private matters, for example in DM's. Although the purpose of the discord is to have a conversation with each other, it is not the intention that anyone feels uncomfortable. Members failing to respect personal privacy will be investigated by Human Resources, and might face consequences.

5) Media Policy

5.1) Due to applicable European Privacy Laws, it is not allowed within Global Cargo to stream while the Global Cargo Discord is visible and / or audible, to discuss or to show internal company data or inappropriate content (Pornography, hateful or racist messages and / or similar objectionable material.).

5.2) Due to applicable European Privacy Laws, it is not allowed within Global Cargo to disclose video and / or audio while the Global Cargo Discord is visible and / or audible, internal company data or inappropriate content (pornography, hateful or racist messages and / or similar offensive material.).

6) Multiplayer Policy

6.1) Global Cargo Drivers MUST FOLLOW ALL TMP RULES.

6.2) Global Cargo is seen as one of, if not the most professional and respected VTC within the TMP community. We therefore expect a professional attitude from our staff and drivers. When you drive in-game, we expect you to work with all your care and attention (as you do in real life). In this way, others see what Global Cargo means and they want to get involved.

6.3) It is NOT allowed to drive a car while wearing the Global Cargo name (both tag and name) in TMP, alternating vehicles are included under this rule.

6.4) It is not allowed to drive with large groups on the Calais-Duisburg route (four or more drivers).

6.5) When driving with other Global Cargo drivers, it is mandatory to use the Global Cargo Discord (with a fully functional headset).

6.6) Do not use dirty or provocative language in public chat or do general things that could damage Global Cargo's company name.

6.7) You are responsible for your own account. If your account is found to be in violation of the rules, appropriate action will be taken after investigation by Human Resources.

6.8) When you get a ban on TruckersMP you are obliged to report this to Human Resources within 48 hours. If you fail to do so, the human resources department will start an investigation with appropriate consequences.

6.9) After a TMP ban, it is possible that the HR department will question your ability to drive for Global Cargo. Your membership as a driver of Global Cargo can be revoked on the basis of a ban.

6.10) It is not allowed to use a trailer combination longer than the maximum length (HCT) within ETS2 in TMP. The standard triple trailer is allowed in ATS.

7) Freight Rules

7.1) We have a zero-tolerance policy on mods that change the game's economy. If you are caught using these mods, your membership with Global Cargo will be permanently terminated.

7.2) The use of ProMods and other map mods is fully permitted, but do not abuse the functionalities offered.

7.3) The maximum income for a manually logged job is €/$ 300,000 or 6000km. This means that the expected income of the trip may not exceed this limit. There is no max for Tracker Logged jobs.

7.4) The maximum income per kilometer/mile is €/$ 200,-. When the total income divided by the distance travelled is higher, the ride will be rejected and you run the risk of being investigated by human resources.

7.5) Global Cargo assumes that you are honest when completing journeys and we expect to be able to observe this in your cargo log.

7.6) If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a shipment, please contact Human Resources (anonymously).

7.7) Jobs with an income of more than $/€ 200,000 or 4000km must be approved by Human Resources. The limits for Tracker Jobs are $/€ 300,000 or 6000km. When you drive an affected trip, Human Resources will be notified and your freight is blocked until you have forwarded approved screenshots of the freight. Make sure to submit at least two screenshots: 1) The home screen, Freight Center or Load Market, with the relevant freight. 2) The delivery screen, with income, driven distance and damage percentage.

7.8) Any attempt to fraud with cargo via economy mods, fast travel or any other means will be severely penalized.

7.9) Users are required to complete at a minimum, one job a month. Users who are inactive for a period longer than three months (without a valid reason) will see their memberships terminated.

7.10) Global Cargo strives for realism. Any use of damage or collision mods will be subject to disciplinary outlined in Section 1.1).

7.11) The delivery with a “caravan” as cargo is not allowed.

7.12) The use of ETS2Sync and virtual speditor is allowed, but not to abuse the cargo system. Remember to always check your job to see if it is in compliance with the rules. It is not allowed to use these programs to abuse promotional jobs. Human Resources will start an investigation and come with a suitable verdict.

7.13) When entering the number of kilometers driven, only the kilometers driven on land apply. It is not allowed to abuse the boat or train. A rule of thumb is that you have driven at least 75% of the expected mileage to submit a load. (Example, without usage of the ferry the route is 1000 km, with use of the ferry, this is only 400 km. This route is not valid.)

* Note on the regulations regarding the return of freight: If there are doubts about the legitimacy, you must confirm this with screenshots as proof. It is the responsibility of every driver to check whether he/she complies with the established rules.

8) Convoy Rules

8.1) Please read the information provided to you on the Trucksweb about the event so that you are aware and wear the correct paint and tag before joining the convoy.

8.2) It is mandatory to join the discord channel designated for the convoy, to be able to hear convoy leader instructions. You are not required to use a microphone. To get an exemption, for example when streaming, contact the event leader and management.

8.3) If there are problems during the convoy (Refueling, Damage to the truck or the need to do F7), notify the convoy leader and link up behind the convoy.

It is prohibited to use cars during a convoy (with the exception of excplicit approval by Global Cargo Management).

8.5) Upon spotting a troller, ignore them and notify the convoy leader.

8.6) The convoy leader always has the last word, he/she is always followed in an official convoy.

8.7) There is no overtaking (passing) during a convoy unless otherwise indicated by the convoy leader and the person being overtaken.

8.8) Keep a distance of at least 60m, unless the person in front of you is lagging. Then keep a safe distance of 100m.

8.9) Driving faster than indicated is prohibited, unless you have to close the gaps in the convoy.

8.10) You can ignore a red traffic light, but watch out for truckers who have right of way.

8.11) It is not intended that "non-Global Cargo" drivers will be invited to join in the convoy. They can be invited to public convoys and events.

8.12) If you are late to a convoy, always join at the back of the convoy and follow rule 8.7).

8.13) When partaking in a convoy, you are not allowed to deliver a job, since you already receive a reward for that event.

9) Public Events Rules

9.1) ALL rules of Section 8) apply to public events.

9.2) The order of departure during (GC hosted) public events is from FRONT to BACK: Global Cargo, Partners, Other VTCs, Public.

9.3) Always follow Event Staff orders.

10) Legal / Privacy Policy

Global Cargo reserves the right to withdraw a driver's membership for, but not limited to:

1. Contribution to a violation in which the name of Global Cargo is damaged or in which the rules of Global Cargo are broken.
2. For any other reason considered to be serious enough according to Global Cargo.

- All donations are protected by the law and are completely voluntary.

- The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are effective from the moment you apply. You can find the Terms of Service below.

- All staff positions are voluntary and cannot be financially compensated at any time.

- Information about our drivers is never ever shared with third parties. This also includes shared branches such as global divisions and partners.

- The giveaway of a prize (Game/DLC), may be cancelled by GC Management at any time. Global Cargo reserves the right to revoke a giveaway if the person is no longer a member of Global Cargo.

Handle the applications of new drivers to ensure a swift application process.

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